SM490A Senegal cnc

SM490A Senegal cnc

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Emerson DCS Migration Kit (5A26479G07) HART Analog

Offer Description Internal 20 GB Disk (5A26430H20) SUN ULTRA 10 Workstation Kit (5A26431G05) 501-2741 NIC Card for Ultra5 on Ovation (5A26432H02) PCI PGX Graphics Card (5A26434H01) 128MB RAM Expansion (Ultra 60) (5A26435H03) Ethernet Media Converter (5A26453G01) Relay Output 16 Form C (5A26457G01) Relay Output 12 Form C (5A26458G01) Relay Output 12 Form X (5A26458G02)

frp fiber smc water tank with more than 20 years The station is located in Mufu peak with 10m height. Annual average wind speed exceeds 5m/s, the time section of surpassing 3m/s wind speed is more than 6000 hours. The time section of surpassing 5m/s wind speed in the height of 30m is more than 4000 hours. Wind energy resource is CNC vertical lathe by Hengshui Shengyong Heavy-duty Offer Description Technical specification of 2 meter table CNC vertical lathe equipment CK5123 1 Table diameter 2000mm 2 Maximum turning diameter 2300mm 3 Maximum height of workpiece 1300mm 4 Maximum weight of workpiece 8 t 5 Speed change of table 2.5-80 r/min 6 Working table Step of rotation speed 16 7 Feed rates 0-1000 mm/min 8 Step stepless 9 Horizontal travel of tool post 1250mm

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